Second Story

Have you ever wanted to sit down with someone and record a conversation about their life experience? Then craft this interview into an engaging digital story?

Come experience a creative process that teaches people with little to no computer or media experience how to create a short second story video that can be treasured and shared for years to come.

Participants provide story assets. Audio recording and video editing consultation supplied by media artist. WeVideo subscription recommended. Instructor: Nan Toskey

Workshops consist of 5 weekly 2 hour sessions, plus 1 remote session video editing with media artist:
1 – Subject & Story Creative Blueprint
2 – Interviewing & Recording Techniques
3 – Production: Recording Oral History
4 – Logging, Scripting, & Editing Voice Track
5 – Adding layers through Video Editing
6 – Remote One-on-one Video Editing


For more information on upcoming workshops,
Nan Toskey