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Nurstory is a collaboration between nursing faculty, researcher, and documentary filmmaker with Seedworks Films, Sue Hagedorn, and the founders of the digital storytelling movement, StoryCenter, conducting storytelling workshops to examine how personal stories of nurses and other providers can contribute to nursing education.

Nurse participants share stories about challenges and formative decisions they make, in nursing. The resulting stories are being used to engage nursing faculty, nursing doctoral candidates, and practicing providers in dialogue about health care ethics, the value of reflective practices, the need to address secondary trauma among nurses, and the true meaning of compassionate care.

THAT KID by Bobbi Jo O’Neil

Perhaps we are made from the stories we carry. For forensic nurses, then, this is at times a harrowing place in which to live. This Nurstory digital storytelling workshop helped participants process vicarious/secondary trauma and then externalize those narratives into digital stories.


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