My POV (Point of View)

My POV Workshops empower participants to craft digital stories of personal, community, or organization relevance utilizing audio, video, photography, text, and music.

Stories are written from a first person point of view and narrated using the storyteller’s voice. Visuals and sounds, such as  photography, video, music and sound effects are edited into the story. Edited digital stories are posted on workshop blog.

Workshops consist of 5 weekly 2 hour sessions:
My POV 101: Fundamentals of First Person Storytelling

Workshop participants learn key ingredients to crafting memorable media through storytelling.

My POV 102: How to Write a First Person Story

Workshop participants learn how to write first person POV stories.

My POV 103: Writing Lab

Workshop participants write a first person story.

My POV 104: Story Making Production

Workshop participants create and gather media assets and record story narration.

My POV 105: Story Making Video Editing

Workshop participants develop a visual and sound narrative to enhance the spoken story.

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