Looking through lens at river through mountain

First Person POV* ======== *(Point of View)

Come experience a creative process that teaches people with little to no computer or media experience how to write, craft, and edit a digital story based on a personal experience.

Workshops consist of 4 weekly 2 hour sessions, plus remote video editing with media artist:
1 – Key Ingredients of First Person Digital Storytelling

Workshop participants learn key concepts within the multiple layers of digital storytelling.

2 – Writing Personal Voice Stories

Workshop participants learn how to write a short first person narrative in a  conversational spoken word style.

3 – Crafting a Video Script

Using video script writing techniques, workshop participants develop an audio visual narrative to accompany story narration.

4 – Story Making Production

Workshop participants create and gather media assets and record story narration.

5 – Story Making Video Editing [offsite]

Media Artist edits digital stories remotely and in collaboration with workshop participants.

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