About Digital Storytelling


Digital storytelling is the process by which diverse peoples create and share a story of personal relevance using digital media tools. Typically, digital stories are produced in intensive workshops led by experienced digital storytellers.

The ancient oral tradition of storytelling is the foundation of Digital Storytelling.  Stories are written from a first person point of view and narrated using the storyteller’s voice. Visuals and sounds, such as photography, video, music and sound effects are crafted and edited into the story. The product is a short film that can be shared online.

Leading pioneer Digital Storyteller, Dana Atchley, created the first digital storytelling workshop for the American Film Institute in 1993. Joe Lambert adapted and refined these Digital Storytelling Workshops in the mid-1990s into a method of training orchestrated by the renowned Center for Digital Storytelling.

Today, merging traditional storytelling with digital tools is practiced worldwide in education, public health, and the arts.